Terms of Agreement


By accepting the contents of this page the terms are mutually agreed upon by both parties (we still believe on doing things with a handshake, even if it’s a virtual one). We will complete all work in a professional and workmanlike manner according to standard practices. The proposal includes all chemicals, materials, labor, and tax fees necessary to complete your work, unless otherwise specified in bid.

Cancellation must be made within 48 hours of scheduled service or $25.00 cancellation fee to apply. A $25.00 trip charge will be added to invoice total if UnderPressure is unable to perform service on scheduled date due to uncleared gate admittance, vehicles blocking driveway, or any other circumstance of homeowner’s neglect disallowing service to be rendered.

Scope Of Work

Removal of mold and mildew via no pressure-chemical wash applied by walking on roof surface (no pressure used on any roof surface). UnderPressure’s exclusive chemical cleans on contact. Roof may not show maximum cleanliness until hard rain occurs. Water to be supplied by homeowner for landscape irrigation, and rinsing of designated areas. *Gutters, flashing, and fascia board not included in roof cleaning service unless additionally requested by homeowner.

What To Expect As A Homeowner

Homeowners are NOT required to be home for service to be rendered, however, payment must be arranged prior and property must be accessible (gate clearance, dogs/pets restrained, etc). Client may leave a check made out to UnderPressure in a discrete pre-determined place. If it is determined that bags are best left on down spouts to prevent chemical damage, they can be removed after five days or heavy rain. Each job is individually assessed to determine if this is necessary.


Bags will contain chemical residue. Please wear gloves and appropriate clothing when disposing.

The chemical cleaning solution contains sodium hypochloride and may cause damage to clothing, carpets/rugs, etc. Work areas are entered at your own risk. We are not responsible for damage to carpet (home/ vehicle) or clothing. The process uses no pressurized water and will not create roof leaks, or damage to tiles/shingles. We are not responsible for structural roof leaks, or interior damage caused by leaky windows or doors. Listed below are measures to be taken and who is responsible for each action:


  • Properly close all windows and doors. Remove vehicles from driveway. Remove potted plants, hanging baskets, rugs/clothing, ornaments, patio furniture, portable grills, pet supplies/shelters, and other personal property away from work areas. Items of value must be removed from outdoor areas as UnderPressure will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • As an extra precaution homeowners are encouraged to turn on sprinklers frequently or hand water landscape where necessary (areas without gutter protection under drip line, especially where rain runs off, i.e. corners). Sprinkle fertilizer on grass/plantings under roof drip line if home is without gutters. Remove black bags from gutter down spouts no sooner than 5 days after cleaning. Keep potted plants secure for a minimum of 5 days.


  • Will irrigate all plants/landscape before and after process, and will cover if areas are exposed without gutter protection. All work areas to be left cleanly and in the state they were upon arrival.


  • If any plant damage should occur from elements beyond our control (wind/rain after process is complete), UnderPressure will replace necessary landscape, or reimburse customer for wholesale value of plant. Not all plantings can be replaced with an exact equivalent in size and shape due to natural maturing that can only result from time. A plant technician will inspect all claims to determine necessary actions. Lawns and turf under roof drip line will sometimes experience a narrow line of discoloration. Some sensitive plants may lose their leaves, or undergo shock. This is a temporary condition. Most plants will regenerate new leaves within 60 days. The plant will only be replaced if determined to be damaged beyond shock by inspector. UnderPressure will not be responsible for plant damage caused by leaky gutters or downspouts. All plant damage claims must be submitted no later than 10 days from service date. UnderPressure will not be responsible for damaged plants removed prior to inspection.


UnderPressure will not be responsible for the following:

Color striations in tile dyes, chipped/cracked/damaged tiles, run over stains in gutter powder coat, debris in gutters/pool, or roof valleys. Chipping or streaking in paint as a result of non-exterior grade or old paint, tears in weak/unstable screen enclosures, or weak/struggling landscape prior to commencement of work.