Soft washing

Soft Washing

Soft washing our method of utilizing low pressure nozzles to drastically reduce surface contact. The purpose is to clean the surface properly with the perfect amount of pressure and the proper cleaning agent without risking damage to the exterior.

Don’t let our name fool you. We are not blowing paint and stucco off the walls and damaging sensitive siding, flashing and soffit panels. Under Pressure has been cleaning home exteriors, restaurants, gas stations and banks since 2005. We have found the proper cleaning agent for every situation. We have the experience to remove most stains from painted, sealed, powder coated and glass surfaces.

Algae, mold and mildew
Hard water and iron
Fertilizer stains
Oils, grease, roof tar and other petroleum products
Dust, insects, cobwebs, mud dabbers,
Electrolysis and gutter stripes

The key is to identify the cause and remove it ASAP. We will attack the unwanted stain and discoloration with years of knowledge and experience. In some cases, there is nothing we can do to totally remove the discoloration but we may have alternate solutions to restore the look desired. We will also educate our customers on ways to maintain the best appearance of the property and avoid future issues.

Grafiti Removal

Grafiti Removal

Graffiti is typically an eyesore and can drive away customers, prospective home buyers and residents of the community. UnderPressure gets rid of unwanted Graffiti with a safe and fast process. We are experienced at removing graffiti from painted and non painted surfaces. Whether it’s plastic, metal, brick, wood, stone, concrete and other building materials, we can get the job done.