Chemical Roof Cleaning

Chemical Roof Cleaning

We DO NOT use pressure to clean the surface of your roof. We use a zero pressure algaecide treatment to remove 100% of the algae discoloration on your roof. No Pressure. No Damage to the roof.

You have noticed the black discoloration on your roof or someone has informed you that it needs to be removed. We have the solution. Florida is well known for our tropical weather. Unfortunately, the Florida heat and humidity promote algae, mold and mildew growth on our roofs. No matter what kind of roof you have (asphalt shingles, tile, or metal) the only safe and approved method of roof cleaning is performed by an experienced cleaning pro. Not the “pool guy” “Landscaper” “painter” LOL! These guys certainly know their business, but climbing and cleaning roofs is dangerous and carries with it a certain amount of experience and knowledge.

Why we don’t pressure Clean roofs?

No Brainer!! Pressure cleaning roof surfaces will loosen and destroy granules on asphalt shingles, and will chip/crack/break/& bleed color from tiles. In some cases, it may even cause roof leaks and void warranty. It greatly reduces the life of your roof and is not the approved method of cleaning by roofing manufacturers. It will only rinse mold and mildew from the roof surface leaving spores alive with fungus. The result, a completely black roof in less than a year. Chemically cleaning your roof is both safe and effective.

Chemical Roof Cleaning removes what you see and what you can not see. The Discoloration you see on your roof is typically Algae. Spores fly on the roof, attach and grow. The longer the algae dwells, the darker it becomes. It’s feeding on the organic materials of your roof. Our blended Algaecide solution removes what you see and kills the Algae in a matter of minutes with no pressure or risk of damage. Chemical roof Cleaning is faster and lasts longer. We can spray a large area and walk the roof less which reduces the physical footprint on your roof surface. In extreme cases, we apply our treatment from the ground, ladder or a boom. Every roof will be cleaned professionally and safely.

Shingle Roof Cleaning

Landscape Protection

If areas are exposed due to the lack of complete gutter protection, plants are covered with protective landscape tarps. We suggest all customers install complete gutter systems on your roof line. Organized run-off will save you hundreds of dollars in landscape bedding, mulch, paint and erosion. Homeowners will always need chemical roof cleaning. Saavy home buyers are looking for a fully guttered home. We will not have landscape issues with fully guttered homes. We will collect any chemical run-off from the downspouts. We will take extra care, and have at least one plant technician water and cover plants as necessary. Soil and foliages are diluted before and after chemical treatment.

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